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Eve Rising’s mission is to raise the vibration of the collective consciousness.  We believe that the awakening woman will save the world therefore we strive to provide education & services to women in our communities while providing support and opportunities to Sisters in Service to this mission. 

A Note From Eve Rising's Founder

                                                    Greetings Sisters!  

Eve Rising has been my dream for almost two decades and now that's it's coming to life I truly appreciate that you found your way here.  I believe in women.  I believe women can and will change the world, and I believe it's up to us to step into our personal Truth, our Divine Purpose together.   This power of numbers and combined energy are the foundation of collaboration and community.  Together we rise.  We all have a purpose, a message or a gift that when shared will effect many, ultimately causing the shift in consciousness that our world is so desperately in need of.  I want to help women rise to meet their purpose whether they've yet to dis-cover it or they're already in service to others.  I also want to raise awareness of women's causes all over the world so that we can contribute to improving the lives of our sisters in need.   Whether you are looking for personal transformation, collaboration with a  like minded network, or if your like me and you have stepped into a mission of service for the world, you are Eve Rising.  


The Sisterhood:  Eve is teacher, Eve is a student.  She is a seeker and a giver; a healer and a patient.  She's an activist, or a representative of a non-profit organization;  she is a pastor of a church,  a life coach, a jewelry designer with a mission, an animal whisperer, a holistic medic, reiki practitioner or energy healer, she owns a yoga studio, a wellness center, a metaphysical store,  an artist or a musician, a CEO, a stay at home Mom, a blogger sharing her passion for the planet, she is successful and she is struggling.    Eve is the collective feminine consciousness.  For the seeker, student, and the patient, we strive to bring the education and the experiences necessary to facilitate the awakening of your highest expression.   For the Giver, Teacher, and Practitioner, we offer you the support, community & audience to shine your light far and wide.    Together, We Rise.


Let's come together and change the world!  Whether you're looking for resources to deepen your spirituality, improve your health holistically and change your life or you're a Sister In Service to a higher calling you belong here!  I truly look forward to serving you.

(If your a Sister in Service read more here).                                                     In Sincere Gratitude & the Spirit of Sisterhood,



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