Personal Transformation ~ Community Collaboration ~ Collective Elevation


One woman can do anything.  Many women can do everything.

Eve Rising is a vibrant community of women inspiring, supporting, waking, encouraging, teaching, helping, sharing, empowering women.  

Some are healers, some are teachers,  organizers, volunteers, activists, musicians, artists, business owners, students, moms,  some are movers and shakers, and some are here for the Sisterhood. 

Eve Rising is sacred space for all women to feel valued, honored, and seen & supported.  Personally fulfilling while fostering an deep connectedness to each other,  the surrounding community, world, and to the universe.

Eve Rising's purpose is to bring women together in a spirit of unity, oneness, collaboration and celebration; honoring the authenticity of each individual and inviting her to discover and share her unique gifts, talents, passions, and ideas with the community. 

The Eve Rising Center for Healing & Wellness is committed to raising the vibration of the collective consciousness, one person at a time. The Center serves to provide education and experience in the fields of spiritual ascension, physical healing through holistic and alternative practitioners, personal development and mind mastery to individuals and small groups. We strive to offer the very best teachers and tools that spirituality, science, technology & even religions/philosophies have to offer to help facilitate your personal awakening and your path to the Highest Version of your Self & the experience of your very best life! 

The Eve Rising Online Community  brings together women with a message, mission or a gift to share!  Light-workers, healers, wisdom-givers, health & wellness professionals, & sisters-in-service whether in art, music or business, to support & assist one another, streamline information, as well as to serve as a hub for the thousands of seekers who are beginning to awaken and search for their path.  We will be hosting networking events and workshops for the seeking student, AND for the women in service who leading us into this new dimension of living while raising awareness toward women’s causes locally and globally. We will also coordinate expos, lectures and festivals (yes, the Eve Rising Music Festival will be back in 2020!).

Whether you want to dis-cover your purpose or step into action, Eve Rising supports you right where you are. 

This is where we belong.

Eve Rising Everywhere! 

Celebrating Awesome Women

Eve Rising's Team


I am a Teacher of God illuminating the Truth of the Universe & inspiring the awakening of humanity to its Divinity.  In service to be a blessing to all I know and all I do, I am a magical expression of the Love & Promise of the Great I AM and my life is a miraculous example of Heaven manifesting on Earth.

Elle is the Founder of Eve Rising.  She is a Personal Transformation Coach, a Reiki Practitioner, Sound & Energy Healing Conduit, Meditation Facilitator , and Ordained Minister. She is also the Director of the Wellness Program at the Center for Healing & Wellness at Bella Salon & Spa.   For more information about Elle or to book an appointment:

Elle Gallo

Tina pic1.jpg

I am a lifelong devotee of the heart and soul, dedicating my life to truth, authenticity, and simply just...being. I awake each morning eager to see the sunrise, to smell the sweetness in the air, to feel my husband's warm embrace, and hear the birds singing their songs. 


I remember when Eve Rising was brought into this world, naturally through a collaborative meeting with compassionate and empowering women. I am so honored to have been part of the birth of this great cause and the continued evolution of bringing women together to rise to their potential.

Tina Upton


My mission is to bring light & love to all. Inspiring individuals to step into the highest & best version of themselves. I am a celebration of the Divine, here to serve humanity. Gracefully embracing the present moment, emanating love & gratitude for all of God's miraculous creations.

Kayla Hayes


I am a child of God radiating light and offering love.  I joyfully create meaningful relationships and bring happiness to my work and my world.  

Ellen Miles, 

Non-Profit Liasion


My passion and truth is that of a healer.  I continuously seek to become the greatest & highest version of myself, the spirit that GOD has created me to be.  My desire and purpose is to share God's love and light with the world.  My journey toward enlightenment is one of prayer, nature, music, friendship, reading, awareness, hardships, challenges and abundant miracles.  

Kathy Walsh, Director, Eve Rising's

Helping Hands Ministry & Community Outreach