Eve Rising

A Collaborative Community

in service to those on a mission!

I have the privilege of meeting and sharing stories with many women who are stepping into their purpose and creating visions and opportunities that will change the lives of anyone they touch--The "Eve"s of Eve Rising.  One of the themes I hear most often is that this work-changing the world-is "lonely".  And the path can be difficult to navigate- we are creators, healers, not necessarily business people.   But it doesn't have to be lonely and it doesn't have to be difficult.  Let's do it together.  Let's bring our messages to each other, share our stories, our lessons, our tip and tricks of the trade, let's combine our resources, let's help one other help others.   If this speaks to you, please email me.   

I seek to bring together the wisdom-givers, light-workers, energy-healers, & world-changers, ect for collaboration and a pooling of resources including but certainly not limited to an audience of seekers.  The women of the world are waking.  They are looking for answers & guidance-they are looking for us. 

Right now, as the foundation is being laid, this sisterhood community of those in service to others will most benefit those in Massachusetts (Boston Points North) and Southern NH as that's where most meetings and live opportunities will take place, but it certainly is not limited to these areas.  

Although I have been planning this for almost two decades, as it's birthed it will require a grass-roots effort and an organic emergence. I have many ideas and I'd love to welcome your ideas and energy into the foundation of this vision!  Eve Rising is meant to bless your work in the world.


For those in business, you may be interested in these opportunities:   Eve Rising Sisters in Service 


For those living outside of Northern MA/Southern NH who are community organizers, you may be interested in this:    Eve Rising Community Builders 

To see the Monthly Spotlight and Community Page, click here.  

I'm totally open to hearing all of your thoughts, ideas, and how this Eve Rising platform can best serve your mission!  Please reach out any time to me at elle@ellegallo.com


We Rise By Lifting Each Other!

Eve Rising Women's Center  (est. manifestation 2022)

Personal Transformation:  Body/Mind/Spirit

Philosophy:  We believe that we share a common life purpose: To awaken to the Truth of who we really are.

In the physical:  Kundalini Yoga,  Group classes and workshops, information series', Private Coaching Services and several holistic healing modalities, private meditation rooms.

Community Collaboration:

Philosophy:  We believe that everyone has something to offer the world.  We believe in abundance.  We believe in even exchanges of energy.  There is more than enough to go around.  Supporting each other and offering opportunities for everyone's authentic gifts, ideas, and passions will create the brightest Light for Eve Rising's Community.  We want to support your calling!  We also believe that when we come together in a spirit of unity our lives begin to shift as we feel valued, appreciated, safe and seen.  We are ALL Eve.  We all belong here, and we all win. 


In the physical:  Boardrooms available for community activism, outreach, community meetings, mastermind groups, A gathering parlor for casual socializing., weekly Sister Circles, and Networking Gatherings. 

Collective Elevation: 

Philosophy:  Make no mistake, Eve Rising is here to change the world.  We believe that the world is desperately in need of a shift in consciousness; and THIS is our ultimate mission. 


We believe that as each person invests in their own awakening, it not only elevates their personal being and life expression, but their vibration frequency adds to and elevates the collective.  In raising our own Self we effect everyone we interact with.

We also believe that we rise by lifting others and that we all have a responsibility to help raise the quality of our interconnected and inherent sisterhood within Eve's community, the local community and around the world. 

We exist to offer teachings and practices to encourage personal transformation while encouraging every member of our community to intentionally share their Light whether their talents and skills, time, prayers, or other resources.  

In the physical:  Eve Rising's Giving Tree, Spotlight's on local volunteer opportunities,  and Non-Profit Organizations, and a focus on raising awareness of where our global sisters need our help.  Intention/Prayer Groups intentionally holding the vibration of elevation and healing for the world, for individual members needs and requests.